Manual QA Engineer

Job Description

  • Create tests to identify software problems.
  • Validation and verification of test inputs, functional specifications, requirements, etc. for¬†¬†testability, ambiguity, and completeness
  • Manage the quality aspects of testing work and provide peer review of the testing artifacts produced by others in the testing team
  • Analyze bugs and errors found during tests.
  • Document results of tests for the software development team
  • Provide accurate and concise process updates to QA Lead, Product Owner & Project Manager
  • Recommend improvements in software to enhance user experience.
  • Motivate the development process for efficiency and performance.
  • Works together with the software developer to enhance and improve programs.
  • Research and compare similar competitor products.
  • Maintain updated knowledge of industry trends and advancements.
  • Test new and existing features, and report errors and failures
  • Work collaboratively with the developing team to correct errors and participate in testing for product releases.

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