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Ek Software is a leading mobile applications development company that offers solutions to its clients through custom mobile applications for diverse platforms like IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, PhoneGap Mobile applications. Ek Software provides mobile application development services to a wide spectrum of clients spread across diverse business verticals. Over the years Ek Software has established its leadership in this segment by producing customized mobile apps for clients that are characterized by simplicity of design, high quality user interface, superlative performance and functionality all of which culminate into an unparalleled digital experience for the end user. Ek Software enables its clients experience instantaneous mobility and actual integration through well designed gadgets like M2M, SMSC Gateway Integration, GPS systems and GPRS. Ek Software has created sustainable business value propositions for both small & medium enterprises as well as diversified blue chip conglomerates through mobile app development services.

Benefits of Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps development is the latest weapon in the arsenal of digital marketing possessed by business enterprises. Traditional brick and mortar models of business operated in a static framework of physical evidence and place that lent a dimension of immobility to business enterprises and affected the extent to which business enterprises could personalize their product offerings, positioning of products and placed a constraint on the volume of business transactions. While these anomalies were removed partly by web based business models during the era of internet connectivity and desktop computing, there is a new dimension of mobility to digital business owing to the advent of mobile applications services development. Mobile applications have rendered the concepts of place and physical evidence redundant and placed a premium on the process in marketing. In the era of industrial internet mobile phones are the most personalized devices that users carry and operate. Developing a mobile app allows business enterprises to personalize their product offering to the end user, enhance the positioning of their products by making them available on smart phones, increases sales by reducing the cycle time of order, delivery and cash and finally augments sales process automation by adding another strand to the Omni-Channel Marketing System that companies are instituting. Moreover Verticals like food and beverages, Consumer Durables,FMCG, Quick Service Restaurants, Health Care, and Education.Utilitieslike Electricity and Postal Services, Banking, Insurance and Financial Serviceslike Stock Trading where back end processes form an extensive part of the product service continuum an application for mobiles creates tremendous value. First it opens up a new dynamic, interactive and personalized interface between the business and the end user. Second, it speeds up order collection. Third sharing information between back end and front end departments is streamlined by better information sharing. Fourth payment gateway integration enables faster cash realization thus streamlining the cash cycle. In certain cases like organized retail and e-Commerce it reduces set up costs and working capital consumption for operating retail stores to a great extent. All that a business enterprise needs is a smart phone and platform dedicated mobile applications development.

Client Challenges

While there are extensive benefits of developing a mobile app, client challenges in this context are platform specific, technical and of a strategic nature as well. Cost efficiency of applications is yet another challenge. Application development for smart phones is highly dependent on the knowledge about target audience. Defining the target audience and streamlining the target customer profile is an imperative to narrowing down focus on deciding on a platform for development. The demographic and economic variables that characterize a target audience for a product or service of the client require an in depth analysis. Strategic issues in digital marketing also matter. Challenges of this sort emerge in the creation of an channel system where each component complements the other to augment sales. Cost efficiency of apps is another differentiator in this market where inexpensive apps dominate and are find more download in comparison to the costly ones.

How Ek Software Creates value Through Custom Mobile Application Development?

Ek Software addresses the above mentioned challenges of clients by embarking on a well-defined model for producing customized mobile applications. The business consulting team presents a scenario analysis with detailed implications of choosing a mobile app development platform. Each scenario neatly sums up the target audience, reach, frequency, cost of app download and the likely impact it can create at the macroeconomic level. This is followed by cost rationalization exercise to prune the process and make it as cost efficient as possible without compromising on the quality standards and functionality agreed upon with the client. Finally app design is closely assessed to improve the valued customer experience, the user interface and make it as appealing and simple as possible. This ensures that the final product of the customized application for mobile is user friendly and easy to operate like child’s play.

Team of our Developers supports customers with comprehensive technical supports suitable for Mobile Apps.

  • Application Development solutions for different platforms: Android, iPad, iOS, iPhone and Windows Phone.
  • Provision for cross platform competence
  • Unique, innovative and competitive designs with added legitimacy and professionalism to the user interface application
  • Enhanced security options to protect organizations
  • Technical expertise that augments work efficiency of applications

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