Android Application Developement

Android Application Development

Ek Software offers solutions to its clients in India and across the world through Android Application DevelopmentServices. Android app solutions offered by Ek Software to diverse spectrum of small & medium business and blue chip clients have over the years created great business impact. Ek Software commands a core competence in Android mobile application development that is premised on the experience of working with business enterprises of diverse business verticals spanning geographies, expertise of the Android developer team and the customer centric problem solving of the business consulting team. Ek Software is an Android mobile applications development company that has since the years of its inception integrated the technological benefits of Android Mobile App development with business acumen to solve business challenges of clients.

Benefits of Having a Native Android App to Your Business

With more than one million applications developed till 2011, 67% of app developers dedicating their efforts and the sales of Android smart phones increasing like hot cakes(it had already crosses one billion in 2013), the lions’ share of the mass market for product and service offerings delivered through mobile applications belongs to Android. If the mobile revolution with the advent of the next generation of smart phones is anything to go by, Android mobile apps development is here to stay for at least the next five to six years. In an industry that is consistently reshaped by disruptive innovations and product life spasms are decreasing a window of five to six years is a relatively easy window to maximize returns on investment and a guaranteed minimal payback period. In other words for the CIOs and CTOs of both blue chip enterprises and start-up firms, mobile applications developed on Android offer a relatively risk free plank for the setting of a mobile application based sales and services strategy.

Android Mobile Application Development India From the perspective of back end capabilities again Android Apps Development for mobiles offers great cost efficiency. Prima facie development of Android mobile apps has a great saviour in the underlying premise of open sourcing and the usage of Java. Android applications are developed using the open source model of development meaning that companies do not have to bear the cost of licensing fee and need pay only the fee for testing and development. Android apps fetch high returns with low investment and thus a high ROI accompanies provided that basic financial prudence is observed.

Client Challenges

Client challenges in app development for the Android platform may be categorized on the basis of business strategy issues like product and service positioning, product launch and sales, digital business issues like identifying the target customer profile, selecting a platform for the targeted audience, and finally on technical aspects of mobile app development like app design and aesthetics, simplicity of use, user interface, payment gateway integration for secure payments and cost factors impacting downloads. While business strategy issues like product and service positioning are necessarily subject to the discretion of the client, challenges emanating from technical factors mandate a large role of application development companies. To begin with the nature of the product or service offering being conceived of for application development has to align with technology to deliver supreme customer valued experience. Moreover app download cost is a crucial factor in markets that are cost driven. It is a no brainer that a low cost of App Development and distribution enables higher downloads from the end users resulting in the achievement of business goals like higher sales, higher number of orders, quick cash collection and customer centric services and support.

Meet the Back Screen Artists Who Make it Possible: the App Develop Team of Ek Software

Ek Software takes pride in the community of smart Android application developers that it has. The team of Android applications developers works in sync with the business consulting team across the life cycle of app development from concept to commissioning. Over the years Ek Software has delivered customized Android apps to clients within projected estimates of time and costs with excellent support services for maintenance, migration and porting. Our developers are our artists. It takes more than coding to deliver a mobile app with user interface and performance. It takes simplicity and design thinking. The developer team at Ek Software creates mobile apps that are deployed on Android smart phones but touch hearts of end users!

What Ek Software Offers?

Ek Software offers viable value propositions to its clients through mobile app development for the Android Platform. We address the local business challenges of clients while creating apps that deliver on parameters of functionality, performance, cost efficiency, quality analysis, and maintenance and support services. Right from understanding the product offering, target customer profile, metrics of app downloads and distribution we put the client into perspective. At Ek Software we make technology bend to client requirements.

Powerful And Effective Cooperation Lasting For Years