iPhone Application Developement

Custom iPhone App Development Services

Ek Software offers solutions through Custom iPhone App Development services to its clients. Ek Software is a leading iPhone app development company providing custom iPhone app development services to its clients. With a team of the finest iPhone app developers and a business consulting team that integrates technology with business insights Ek Software has rendered custom iPhone app development to its clients that posses the best possible design thinking, functionalities, performance and iPhone payment gateway integration for secure mobile transactions. Over the years the company has produced iPhone apps of the highest merit to create business value for its clients on the most elite mobile application development platform. The IPhone app development team works on the OS, XSystems and Xcode services of the IDE.

Offshore iPhone App Development Services

Ek Software offers iPhone Application Development services through the usage of the offshore model. Ek Software has served the needs of a global clientele over the years and established itself in the industry as one of the pioneers of offshore iPhone development services. The experience of having worked with a highly diversified client base across the world teamed with the expertise of our apps development team lends us an unparalleled competitive edge. By making use of the offshore model for custom iPhone apps development services clients derive tremendous cost value and thus a high returns on investment. More over the aesthetic design thinking of the developer team has over the years set new benchmarks for beautiful iPhone app designs in the industry. With a highly competitive pricing strategy, highest quality standards, time tested methodology of app development and expertise and experience of several years, Ek Software has transformed complex ideas for app development into reality.

Convert Your Business Ideas into iPhone Apps: Get Started with a Bang

Hailed as the smart phone of the decade and the greatest invention after death by Steve Jobs himself the IPhone presents an elite platform for business enterprises to reach out their business thoughts to a new sophisticated target audience who are laser focused on the highest possible realms of digital experience in their hands on their personalized devices. An IPhone app implicitly transforms the brand image of the company from “me too” to a premium and aristocratic one. It becomes easy to adopt a skimming pricing strategy for its products by positioning its products as exclusive, expensive and the best in class. Custom iPhone application development is all about transforming the positioning of the product and service offering of a client on the best digital platform by creating iPhone native applications that fit and align with the overall corporate goals, market positioning and pricing of the product. If you have a great product put on the global radar through an iPhone app. Now sit back and watch the accolades being poured on your business from all quarters.

Client Challenges

Clients face several challenges in iPhone/iPad application development specially while adhering to the usage of an offshore model where by distance and time barriers can create disruption in work flow and communication between clients and vendors can frequently get disturbed there by leaving an adverse impact on the process of application development for IPhone. It is observed that impending trust issues often creep between the client and vendor because of the offshored vendor over promising and under delivering on key deliverables of process discipline, cost efficiency, design thinking, functionalities, performance, features, visual appeal, and simplicity and payment gateway integration security issues. More over in the fiercely competitive app market, pace is a very important determinant of success. There are seldom any prizes for finishing second on either of the deliverables mentioned here.

iPhone App Development - Your Requirement, Our Solution

In the year 2011, more than 72 million iPhone were sold, the numbers of iPhone users are rising in the international market, and there is no question behind it.
There is no doubt behind the significance of developing an iPhone app for growth of business and enhance the users.

Ek Software offers iPhone program in following ways:

  • Build potential customers with iPhone app development
  • App development supports in enhancing the customer service
  • Vigorous feature with convenience to use
  • iPhone Platform for improved brand awareness
  • Business centric application supports in revenue generation

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