Cross platform application development

We’ll create your application using the Model-View-ViewModel architecture pattern, which separates the code into testable layers. With this architecture we can take advantage of platform-specific features at any level, and provide the user the experience they expect from their device. Unlike some other cross-platform tools, Xamarin does not limit what you can produce: Xamarin says, “Anything you can do in Objective-C and Java can be done in C# with Xamarin.” In fact, using bindings, you can take any existing code library and make it Xamarin compatible.

As a Xamarin Authorized Consulting Partner, we at Ek Software are experts at implementing cross-platform mobile strategies. We are uniquely poised to develop cross-platform applications with Xamarin, as we have built our Xamarin team with experts in native iOS, Android, and Windows development, as well as experts in C# development.

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